Work and Life

I’m a big fan of balancing work and life.  I try not to let my work problems/issues come home with me.  This is especially easy now because of where I work.  I get in around 930, take an approx. 2 hr lunch, and leave by 5.  I get all my work done, hit my numbers, get my bonus, and my co-workers and bosses love me. 

Work ethic shmerk shmethic.  I’m living it up! 

Alas, even with a short work day, I still find a LOT of free time.  There’s only so many things I can look at on Facebook.  People misspelling words they should have learned pre-junior high.  Your/you’re, there/their/they’re, etc.  It’s disgusting how ignorant people are and how they don’t even CARE.  Ugh. 

Yes, I judge you by your spelling and grammar most of the time…. at least on obvious things.  Maybe not so much the grammar aspect as online journaling and posting is not the same as formal writing.  (See?)

I also judge you by the shows you watch.  Oh, you watch Reality TV like The Bachelor and Keeping up with the Kartrashians?  You should probably not breed.  Maybe try an educational show once in a while and not support idiots like that. 

These are the things I wish I could say to people, but can’t.  I’m apparently too nice to be an outright bitch to people even though I’m thinking it in my head.  Teehee

Aside from my not-so-nice thoughts, I play nicely with people and animals.  I like animals more than people, though. 

Now I feel like I’m just detailing out my personality and my narcissism will show a little too much here so I’ll leave you with this…

Who are you and how did you find this blog?!  🙂 


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